Title: Do I Wanna Know

Artist: Arctic Monkeys

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Anonymous: Any miley with a group of friends 3+ friends and miley

i literally don’t know where to find those like i rp miley but idk where to find those specific pictures…. o_o


✿ Blondie Makes a Masterlist ✿

Hello cutie pies, as my first act of being a proper RPH, I'm making you a names masterlist, hell yeah. This list contains 20 female names, 20 male names, 20 unisex names and 20 surnames that I am particularly fond of. Different spellings of some of the names are included as well! I hope you like this, and please like/reblog if you found this useful!

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i’m going to be doing a new thing where i post small playlists by roleplayers

so if you’re interested, message me on rper (stori crazor) 


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Anonymous: ashley benson please


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